6 Local Businesses That Do An Awesome Job With SEO & Web Design

We’ve talked at length about how Instagram (and all social media platforms, for that matter) is a crucial marketing tool for small business owners. But setting up a cohesive website and optimizing it for search engines is a whole different beast.

That might sound intimidating, but we promise it’s a lot easier than you might think. In fact, just by doing a few simple tasks like ensuring your Google My Business listing is set up and optimized or installing ecommerce functionality on your business’s website, you can greatly improve customer experience & satisfaction while also growing your business’s online presence that’s completely separate from social media. 

To give you some ideas on where to start, check out these 6 local WNY businesses that are doing an awesome job on their web design and SEO:

1. Social Maven Event Planning

Who They Are:

A Western New York event planner offering customizable event planning, production styling, and consulting services with the end goal of creating a memorable experience for you and your guests.

What They Do Well:

  • Website metadata is optimized with solid keywords that have search interest on Google without keyword stuffing or over-compensating

  • Google My Business listing is fully optimized and shows up in map searches
  • Actively writes blogs on topics that have search interest on Google
  • Website pop-up focuses on meeting the customer where they are rather than immediately selling, which can be especially off-putting when brides/couples planning a wedding are already confused, stressed, and overwhelmed as-is.

2. Lake Effect Ice Cream 

Who They Are:

A local ice cream shop with locations in Lockport & North Buffalo that features fun Western New York-inspired flavors that are all handcrafted and created in Buffalo, New York.

What they do well: 

  • Google My Business listing is fully optimized and shows up in map searches
  • Their Google My Business listings feature TONS of positive Google reviews and photos from customers (700+) 

  • Customers that mention specific products within their Google reviews help the shop show up more frequently for related searches.
  • Website has a regularly updated menu of flavors that customers can check out before they visit. The web page also shows the date it was last updated.

  • Website lists retail locations where their product can be bought, aside from their shops

3. Newbird Web Design & Digital Marketing 

Who They Are: 

A digital marketing & web design agency with offices in Buffalo and New York City that’s worked with companies like Rich’s Products, New Era Cap, Daemen College, and more.

What They Do Well: 

  • Beautifully designed website with interactive features that are also optimized for mobile.
  • Website layout provides a clear path for customers to follow without overloading information on any one page.
  • Strong, long-form reviews at the bottom of their website that detail what service they provided each customer with and how the customer/company benefited from it.

  • Portfolio section of the website does a great job of demonstrating the work that they’ve done for other clients, which helps potential new clients envision what the agency might be able to do for them.

4. What’s Pop-In Popcorn

Who They Are:

A Buffalo-based, family-owned popcorn shop & catering business that makes gourmet popcorn flavors with love for all to enjoy.

What They Do Well: 

  • Google My Business listing features high-quality photos uploaded by the owner that show off their storefront and a handful of their flavors. 
  • Google My Business listing also has a high star review rating of 4.7 across 29 Google reviews.

  • Google My Business listing strategically lists multiple “Place an Order” links, which lets customers know that they can place orders directly on their website for pickup or through Seamless & GrubHub for delivery.
  • Health & Safety Features are up-to-date on Google My Business listing, which is helpful to let customers know beforehand that masks are required and curbside pickup is an available option.

5. Queen City Vintage 

Who They Are: 

A vintage clothing store located on Hertel Ave that buys, sells, and trades vintage clothes & Buffalo sports apparel from the 70s through early 2000s. 

What They Do Well:

  • Google My Business listing is fully optimized and shows up in map searches
  • Google My Business listing uses an optimal primary business category: Vintage clothing store (instead of just clothing store), which helps them show up higher and more frequently in relevant Google searches.

  • Content on the website’s home page is optimized with keywords and key phrases that help them show up organically for relevant searches.

  • Website metadata is optimized with specific keywords that widen their opportunity to show up for different types of searches. 

6. Cowpok

Who They Are: 

A local piercing & tattoo shop with locations in Allentown & Williamsville. They also offer jewelry styling, custom orders, and more.

What They Do Well:

  • Google My Business listing has 450+ reviews with a high star review rating of 4.7

  • Health & Safety Features are up-to-date on Google My Business listing
  • Website offers quick & convenient online appointment booking
  • Actively writes blogs on topics that have search interest on Google, which not only helps customers doing research on their site, but helps their website rank for these queries on search engines.

  • The website’s “Piercings We Offer” page lists out all of the piercings they are able to do, what they’ll look like, and pictures to help customers visualize what to expect with each one.



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