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Step Out Buffalo media offers two great platforms for your business or organization to connect with Western New Yorkers – Step Out Buffalo and Step Out Buffalo for Business. Both digital platforms are a community focused resource, admittedly pro-Buffalo, bullish with our optimistic perspective and offer your business an affordable means to reach a targeted group of Buffalonians.

One platform is all about work, the other play.   

Work Hard


Step Out Buffalo for Business

Step Out Buffalo for Business is focused on work life. As a B2B platform, we offer tidbits on making tasks easier, modern marketing simpler, and how the local business community can help you.

Target audience: WNY Businesses & Business People

Play Hard

bills fans

Step Out Buffalo

Step Out Buffalo is focused primarily on the non-work life, we’ll call it fun. As a B2C platform, we showcase things to do, places to go, and generally everything you need to know to eat, drink and have fun.

Target audience: Western New Yorkers seeking food and fun locally

Leveraging Step Out Buffalo