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10 Local Businesses Leveraging Instagram To Make $$$ (& How You Can Too)

Photo courtesy of WNY Book Arts Center

Did you know you can turn your Instagram profile into its own shoppable storefront? That’s right! Instagram Shops allow businesses to create an online store on Instagram where users can browse and shop for products right from their profile, posts, Stories or ads! 

Instagram Shopping offers a number of features across the platform that give users the opportunity to shop your products no matter where they see them on the app. User-friendly customization, integrated ecommerce and the ability to reach a large audience make Instagram Shops especially rewarding for small businesses looking to drive sales. Btw, did we mention it’s free?!

These features make shopping convenient and easily accessible for Instagram users that may stumble across your content in their feed, Stories or the Explore section:

Customizable Shop

Instagram enables businesses to customize their own shop with curated collections and detailed product pages that users can browse directly from their profile when they click the “View Shop” button or the shopping bag icon. Instagram Shop’s user-friendly customization features allow you to choose colors, imagery and layouts that reflect your unique brand and inventory!

Product Tags

Businesses can use product tags and stickers in their ads, posts and Stories to highlight certain items from their catalog. Instagram offers a product detail page where you can list an item, filling in relevant information such as pricing and descriptions. You can also add media to show your product being used in different ways or by different people! 

When users tap on a clickable product tag in a boosted shoppable post, ad, Reel or IGTV video, or a product sticker in your Story, they’ll be directed right to the product listing. From there, users can purchase the item via checkout on Instagram or your website!

Checkout on Instagram

Checkout on Instagram allows businesses to streamline their checkout process by selling their products directly on Instagram. Users can purchase your products securely in just one step without leaving the app, using Facebook Pay! Checkout-enabled businesses also benefit from other shoppable features, including shopping from partnerships with creators, product launch previews and Instagram Live shopping. If you don’t choose to use checkout on Instagram, you can direct users offsite to complete a purchase, perhaps to your website or Etsy page!

Check out these 10 local businesses leveraging Instagram Shops to sell their products online to find out how you can start using Instagram’s shopping capabilities for your own business!


The Sweet Whisk, a local chocolate and pastry boutique, uses Instagram Shopping to highlight their staple goodies, which include gourmet chocolate bon bon boxes and s’more chocolate bars.


iGlammed Up Cosmetics utilizes product tags and stickers to direct users to their cosmetic product listings. Users can simply tap on products they see being used or pictured in their posts, Reels and Stories to find out more about them and purchase easily on their website!


Peg’s Hardware utilizes Instagram posts to link to their Instagram Shop products. Users can click on a piece of jewelry featured in a photo post to head right to Instagram Shops, where they’re directed to the website for purchasing!


The WNY Book Arts Center uses Instagram Shopping to link to their different products in their posts, Reels and IGTV videos. Users can watch videos of employees using an artmaking kit and purchase one themselves by clicking on the featured product in the video that directs them to an Instagram Shops product page!


Half and Half Boutique links to Instagram Shopping pages in their posts, where they feature their clothing styles worn on different size models and in different shades. Users are directed to their website from the Instagram Shops platform for purchasing.


Remedy House, a local cafe, uses their Instagram Shop to showcase their prepared food and drink staples and packaged products for users to browse and order easily when they’re directed to the exact product page on their online ordering website!


Paloma Exchange, a buy-sell-trade vintage retail shop, links to their unique clothing pieces on Instagram Shops featured in their posts. When users are directed to a detailed product page, they can see more photos of the item for up-close detail and texture!


Black Monarchy, a Buffalo fashion company, uses Instagram Shops to feature their diversity-celebrating clothing and accessories. Instagram users can click on tappable product tags used in their posts and Reels to view more styles and uses of a specific item, and then purchase easily on their website by just a click of a button!


The Aquarium of Niagara uses Instagram Shops for users to browse their available commemorative merchandise. Users can view product listings on their shop, and purchase by clicking the link to their website!


MUSEjar, a creative community offering a space for local artists, uses Instagram Shops to sell art supplies and other merchandise, including their popular MUSEboxes. MUSEjar links to their products listings in their posts with product tags so users can easily click on and buy a product they see!

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