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10 Local Businesses With Great Holiday Insta Content (& How To Copy Them)

Ready or not, the holiday season is here! And if you’re a local business, that means it’s time to capitalize on holiday spending as much as possible.

Whether you like to get into the holiday spirit as soon as the clock strikes midnight on November 1st or prefer to live by the hard and fast rule of “no Christmas anything allowed until after Thanksgiving,” the reality is that it’s important for local businesses to start planning their holiday marketing strategies as early as possible. 

That’s because waiting until early December to really start planning or posting anything holiday-related on social media means you’ll miss out on all of the early bird shoppers who already finished their holiday shopping weeks ago— especially now, with everyone shopping earlier to try to beat supply chain issues! 

So whether you’re looking to promote your business’s products or services to holiday shoppers this season or just want to have some fun with your content on Instagram this year, here are 10 great examples of solid holiday content ideas by local WNY businesses that you should absolutely be copying during the upcoming shopping & festivities season: 

1. The Sweet Whisk

Why it works: 

  • Use of high-quality video content to showcase their products
  • Fun festive music 
  • Great understanding of Tik-Tok style videos
  • Reposting on other platforms like Tik Tok to share with a wider audience

2. Spaghetti and Meatballs

Why it works:

  • Relevant & funny pop culture references
  • Getting holiday content posted as early as possible
  • Fun & consistent grid aesthetic 
  • Use of hashtags, geo-locations, and tagging relevant accounts

3. Buffalovely 

Why it works: 

  • Funny sayings on their products drive comments & engagement
  • High-quality photos with subtle holiday details like colors, background, etc.
  • Clever captions that fit the business vibe
  • Use of both relevant and funny hashtags

4. The Buffalo Zoo

Why it works: 

  • Using adorable animals to their advantage
  • High-quality photoshoot photography
  • Great example of how to post content during slower season for business

5. Visit Buffalo Niagara

Why it works: 

  • Great way of showcasing fun holiday decor in the community
  • Reposting and repurposing user-generated content

6. Rich’s Catering

Why it works:

  • Fun, festive way to show off products available to order
  • High-quality photo with subtle holiday background
  • Creative holiday spin on an ordinary product

7. Tiny Buffalo Designs

Why it works: 

  • Relevant local tie-in (Buffalo Bills season) with the holidays
  • High-quality photo with a fantastic, eye-catching background
  • Use of hashtags and geo-locations

8. WNY Book Arts Center

Why it works: 

  • Product giveaway to drive buzz & audience engagement
  • Holiday gift bundle is a great way to showcase different products that are available
  • Push to shop local for the holiday season and support local artists

9. Wildroot Floral

Why it works:

  • Showcasing non-typical holiday gift ideas people might not automatically think of
  • Arrangement has subtle holiday elements like reds & pinecones
  • High-quality photo with an excellent backdrop

10. Nickel City Vice

Why it works: 

  • Introduction of holiday flavors for the holidays
  • Caption has excellent information on where and how to buy
  • Fun nods to pop culture references
  • High-quality photo with excellent set up
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