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6 Free Ways Local Businesses Are Creating Great Instagram Content

Creating great content doesn’t have to be hard – or costly. With a few simple tactics local businesses can up their Instagram game and create content that will get them more engagement, followers, reach, and most importantly business. For free!

Here’s 6 free ways businesses here in WNY are creating great Instagram content – and how you can too:

1. Capture content with your phone

Example: @modern_nostalgia

Modern Nostalgia does a great job of showing their followers how their content can be used with close up photos of their products, video tours, and carousel posts for more vantage points. 

Their content maintains a brand identity without being too repetitive while also keeping their followers in mind with how much information they give, how close-up their videos/photos are, and how specifically styled/arranged their products are for their feed content.

2. Share updates

Example: @cerealspotbuffalo

Cereal Spot Buffalo is the best at keeping their followers updated with new products, limited time offers, and what is happening around their business. These updates keep their followers engaged on their page and with their business, while spreading things out so they’re not being overwhelmed with information.

3. Repost on stories 

Example: @hairreformationbynatalie

Hair Reformation does an awesome job at resharing posts to their story that their customers share praising the business on their own personal accounts. 

This keeps the page personal and customer-focused, while also maintaining their brand as a business and salon.

4. Post frequently 

Example: @newyorkbeerproject

New York Beer Project is extremely consistent with their posts, and share posts almost daily to stay on their followers minds and on top of their feeds. 

Not only does this help their feed look diverse, it also allows them to share a lot of different aspects of their brand and what they have to offer.

Bonus: It keeps the algorithm constantly working, so if one post doesn’t perform well it won’t affect their overall rankings!

5. Keep it on brand, but attention grabbing 

Example: @churnsoftserve

Churn posts high quality, simple photos no matter what the context of the content is, from new menu launches to staff spotlights. This Grade-A content allows Churn to stay on brand while also grabbing followers’ attention as they scroll through Insta thanks to their bright colors and backgrounds. 

6. Show the process 

Example: @dopestdough

Dopest Dough doesn’t shy away from sharing their product process at every and any stage. Not only does this make for great content, it also gives their followers a little insight into how the magic happens inside their bakery – a unique behind-the-scenes insider look that makes following them that much more exciting.

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