7 Local Dessert Shops & Bakeries That Are Doing It Right On Instagram (& How To Copy Them)

Updated March 2023

Instagram is an important marketing tool for all kinds of businesses, especially restaurants and food vendors who are growing their customer base through their use of social media. The beauty of Instagram is that it can be utilized to update and stay connected with all types of customers while also helping to drive foot traffic and sales.

Recently we’ve seen bakeries in Buffalo stepping up their Instagram game to uniquely market their baked goods to their consumers. Check out 7 local WNY dessert shops and bakeries that are doing an awesome job on Instagram:

1) Dessert Deli (@dessertdelibakery716)

  • Good at sharing store updates
  • Utilizes story Reels 
  • Shares high quality photos 
  • Includes testimonials 
  • Great feed layout with a mix of different types of posts

2) Watson’s Chocolates (@watsonschocolates)

  • Includes videos and photos of different products
  • Shares behind the scenes content
  • Updates Stories frequently 
  • Utilizes Reels 

3) Five Points Bakery (@fivepointsbakery)

  • Displays wide array of content categories, from food to events to customer reposts 
  • Shares videos, mutli-photo posts, and normal single posts 
  • Includes substantial information in their bio 
Blackbird Sweets’ Instagram Feed

4) Blackbird Sweets (@blackbirdsweets)

  • Includes action items and information in Instagram bio 
  • Updates highlight reels frequently
  • Good at utilizing different angles in their photos 
  • Informative descriptions/captions provide followers with helpful information
  • Great at updating their feed design/aesthetic with seasonal/holiday changes 

5) The Sweet Whisk (@the_sweet_whisk)

  • High quality photographs and videos 
  • Great understanding of TikTok-style videos
  • Well-labeled highlight reels
  • Helpful information in their bio
  • Consistent aesthetic on their grid

6) Nickel City Vice (@nickelcityvice)

  • Unique use of fonts in their bio help their business stand out
  • Consistent style of photography helps solidify their brand identity
  • Good at alternating between different aesthetics to keep things fresh
  • Descriptive, informative, and engaging captions 
  • High quality photos

7) Breadhive Bakery and Café (@breadhive)

  • Not afraid to have fun in their posts and captions
  • Great use of “realism” when speaking to followers
  • Creative, fun use of highlight reels 
  • Good content variety of content categories on their feed
  • Descriptive bio with helpful information
  • High quality, close up food photos



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