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Campaign Insights: How Step Out Buffalo Helped Glamping WNY Get 1,900+ Instagram Followers

Photo courtesy of Glamping WNY

Glamping WNY is a local experience-based business that brings an outdoor glamping experience directly to your backyard. Owners Holly Kovach and Joseph Skuse started their business at the end of May 2021 out of a love for outdoor adventures and traveling to explore new areas.

We both work full-time and its difficult to get away with our beloved fur-babies. We knew that so many other busy families that are also always on-the-go, could relate to our desire for an unique experience without having to pack-up and leave home. This desire, inspired us to found Glamping WNY!

Glamping WNY is all about glamourous camping, and combines everything you love about camping with all the comforts of home with queen-size memory foam beds and the ability to watch movies in an in-tent theater.

Photo courtesy of Glamping WNY

When Holly and Joseph wanted to promote Glamping WNY to a wider audience, they turned to Step Out Buffalo to help them achieve their goals. They purchased an Instagram Bundle from our advertising options, which helped grow their Instagram from a few hundred followers to over 2,000.

Q&A with Glamping WNY Owner Holly Kovach

What are 1-2 tips marketing tips you would give to local business owners just starting out?

“It is important to your audience and to remember that Facebook, Instagram, and Google are your friends!”

What was your goal in working with Step Out Buffalo?

“My goal was to gain followers on social media to promote my business. When your customer hear/see you in various
places, they start to accept your brand as a solid, dependable, known entity.”

What did you like most in working with Step Out Buffalo?

“Step Out Buffalo was super responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable. They also offered a payment plan which was very
helpful for our newly founded business.”

Campaign Insights

Glamping WNY’s Step Out Buffalo Giveaway on Facebook

What They Got:

Instagram Bundle Package| Includes a Live Social Story & Instagram Reel and a Giveaway Hosting. They also added on two SOB Deal Listings in our email and on Facebook.This package is designed to help grow your social media following and get your brand in front of our readers on Step Out Buffalo’s Instagram.

Reach & Clicks:

  • Giveaway Hosting Facebook: 15,219 Reached / 264 Emails
  • Giveaway Hosting Instagram: 31,043 Reached, 1,019 Comments
  • Social Media Story Instagram: 38,800 Reel Views
  • Social Media Story Facebook: 21,800 People Reached
  • Deal Share: 12,098 Reached,
  • Deal Email 1: 48,402 Sent, 8,717 Opens, 76 Clicks
  • Deal Email 2: 48,405 Sent, 9,814 Opens, 327 Clicks


  • Growth: 1,901 Instagram Giveaway Entries/Instagram Followers
  • 264 Emails Collected

Glamping WNY’s Step Out Buffalo Deal Listing shared to Facebook

Glamping WNY’s Step Out Buffalo Giveaway on Instagram

Glamping WNY’s Step Out Buffalo Instagram Reel from their Social Media Story

Glamping WNY’s Step Out Buffalo Facebook video views from their Social Media Story

Glamping WNY

Instagram: @glampingwny

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